Moxuanju Glamping Tent New Product Release


Moxuanju Glamping Tent New Product Release

2019 Beijing Spring International RV and Camping Exhibition has ended. Moxuanhu brings 3 self-developed new products, shell-shaped glamping tent, hot balloon glamping tent and modular glamping box to this exhibition. The unique appearance and exquisite interior are eye-catching.

glamping tent

glamping tent interior

Vice President of Mo Xuanju accepted an interview with the organizer in the shell-shaped glamping tent

Shell shaped glamping tent

Shell shaped glamping tent

Shell shaped glamping tent interior

Shell shaped glamping tent for sale

Hot balloon glamping tent

Hot balloon glamping tent

Hot balloon glamping tent interior

Hot balloon glamping tent for sale

Modular glamping box

Modular glamping box

Modular glamping box interior

luxury Modular glamping box

The Moxuan glamping tents blend nature and humanities to create a campsite and outdoor lightly luxurious residential experience and also pay great attention to enhancing the added value of the camp and the natural landscape of the scenic spot. As the sun sets, night falls, and the starlight in the tents of the Moxuan camp has become the last gentleness of this quiet night.

outdoors Modular glamping box

March, flowers blossom, is a good time for a spring outing, so please be prepared anytime to experience the outdoor wildlife.


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