Amusement Park

MoXuanJu Glamping tent has unlimited possibilities in the open air, not just for living. Whether it is in the city or outdoors, the structural advantages of the glamping tent allow it to be built quickly. No matter traveling and living, it’s also a way to achieve a win-win. It doesn’t need too much money so that we could combine these functions to create a one-stop vacation resort by glamping tents.

The structure advantage of glamping tents is used successfully in tent hotels on outdoors. Nowadays it’s not only for a living hotel but also combined with traveling, living, restaurant, and amusement.

All Weather Glamping Tents

Experience luxury hotel accommodation in the wild and feel the tranquility and beauty brought by nature.

National Park Glamping Tent

National Park Glamping Tent is suitable for various outdoor temporary places, convenient and fast

Circus Tent

MoXuanJu combines these function with living and traveling to make travelers gain two different experiences..