Shape Glamping Tents

5m Shell Shape Glamping Tent

The 5m Shell Shape Glamping Tent developed by us is the most unique scenery in the luxury camp. It has a space of 19.5 square meters.

4m Shell Shape Glamping Tent

Woods, seaside, sunset,
what a perfect place for camping.
Away from disturbance,
it is romantic even picturing it.
Slowly approaching,
to pick up a shell left by the sea.
Bath water is ready,
so are the rest of your holiday to enjoy.

Shell tent is suitable for outdoor camping resorts. It has a fresh and new design, and you can get a good impression in the primary impression. Comfortable big bed, living room, bathroom, and other configurations are all available. You can divide the tent into different functional layouts, and it has no different from a luxurious hotel.