3 Luxury glamping tents blending in with nature


3 Luxury glamping tents blending in with nature

Top journey is not about how luxurious it is during the journey, but about the camping experience and connection with nature. As a professional manufacturer of luxury glamping tents, MORE TENT’s design has always focused on the integration with nature. The tents we design pay more attention to the environment in the overall planning. The selection of different styles of tents based on terrain location and the protection of vegetation are all within the designer’s consideration, allowing experiencers to appreciate the beauty of nature from different angles.

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The multi-dimensional sensory design brings harmony between humans and nature, creates tranquility and freedom through scenery, and creates a new experience of being hidden in the environment. Experiencers who come here will return to their true nature and enjoy a slow life. Starting from the venue and emotions, breaking free from the constraints, expressing the passion and exploration of life.

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During the journey, feeling the beauty of nature is the top luxury experience. Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and fall into the embrace of nature. MORE TENT has a wide variety of glamping tents. Different tents matched with different exhibitions can cleverly integrate with nature. Here are 3 glamping tents that blend in with nature:

Pattaya glamping tent

The flow of water often evokes people’s thoughts. Looking at the calm water can calm the heart.
The double layer style design of this pattaya glamping tent set up on the lake not only raises the height of the tent to improve air circulation, but also highlights the simple natural beauty. The large PVC floor-to-ceiling windows provide an unobstructed view of the natural scenery.

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India glamping tent

The unobtrusive arched lines are smooth and tense, making it look wild. Drawing on the architectural style of the Indian indigenous people, it is full of surprises and imagination.
The Indian glamping tent adopts wood grain craft aluminum alloy frame, and the combination of PVC and tensile membrane is novel and beautiful. The design of the hollow arch not only expands the view but also improves ventilation.

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Transparent Dome House

The combination of the transparent dome house and nature complement each other. When you are in the crystal dome house, you can look up at the stars and feel the mystery and vastness of nature;

Transparent dome house adopts aluminum alloy frame and transparent PC plates structure. Being able to live in peace with nature while ensuring beauty and safety.

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Let’s go into nature, feel the charm of nature in the tent, and sleep with nature.

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