Crown Tent

The Crown Tent is a new favorite in the luxury glamping. It is designed to create a warm and comfortable activity space.

  1. General Details

    The Crown Tent is a new favorite in the glamping that makes the camp exude dignity and luxury. It is designed to create a warm and comfortable activity space. Its design is inspired by the increasingly popular campfire party and aims to provide users with an entertainment and leisure space that is protected from wind and rain and is not restricted by weather.

    Scenario requirements

    The tent is equipped with a central campfire area and a modern chimney design, which not only retains the ancient campfire atmosphere but also ensures good indoor ventilation. The layout and facilities of the tent can be flexibly adjusted according to different event scenarios, and can be matched with camping tables and chairs, solid wood furniture, sofas, restaurant bars, etc. to meet the needs of different event scenarios.

    Space requirements

    It is worth mentioning that the chimney design of the Crown Tent is unique and can be freely disassembled and assembled, making it easy to switch between the campfire camp and the restaurant. Its spacious interior space can easily meet the venue needs of many activities.

    If you need a warm and comfortable accommodation or activity space at your campsite, the Crown Tent is undoubtedly your best choice.

    Specifications of Crown Tent

    Specifications Diameter Side height op height Floor area
    Dodecagon 8.5m 3.2m 3.8m 57m²
    Tetragonal 10m 3.2m 4m 78m²
    Hexadecagonal 11.5m 3.2m 4m 100m²

    Materials and accessories

    The frame is made of high-strength 6061/T6 aluminum alloy, and the cover is made of double PVC coated polyester. The overall structure has the characteristics of wind and rain resistance, flame retardant and corrosion resistance.

    The sidewall PVC can be customized with wood grain spray painting, and can be equipped with wood panel walls, wood panel doors, central stove (with chimney), wood decorative ridge board, indoor wooden floor, lined with thermal insulation cotton and other accessories.

    It can be used in core activity areas of campsites, indoor bonfire parties, campsite centers, weddings, parties, music festivals, outdoor restaurants and other scenarios.

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