Tipi Bar and Coffee Shop

The retro design of the TIPI tent is very suitable for bars and coffee shops.

Large Teepee Tent for Outdoor Dining

The large teepee tent is most suitable for use in outdoor camps, It is also popularly used for outdoor dining.

Outdoor and Garden Dining Pods

The transparent material of the Garden Dining Pods will not produce a sense of crowding visually. It gives you a very special experience.

Glamping Resort Restaurant

Our Camping Resort restaurant is an ideal solution for resort restaurant construction.

Luxury Outdoor Tent Restaurant

Outdoor luxury camping tent, providing customers with a one-stop camp life experience.

Luxury Dome Dining

It is a new experience to enjoy the tranquility and comfort of nature while staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

How can the outdoor restaurant be more luxurious? If we use traditional reinforced concrete construction, it will range from half a year to more than a year. However, the largest feature Dining Room and Restaurants of Moxuanju Glamping tent Solution is with the prefabricated structure of the factory, you can easily transport and install it. It can reduce a lot of construction waste during construction and is more environmentally friendly.

Our outdoor restaurant has many appearances, different products provide aluminum alloy, hot-dip galvanized steel, wood mixed and other kinds of structures, with strong wind resistance and snow loading resistance. We are focus on practicability. The walls can be matched with hollow glass curtain walls. The internal partition wall can be integrated partition wall considering the beauty and privacy. Moxuanju glamping tent has diversified and complete supporting facilities, fully satisfying your usage as a casual bar or coffee shop for catering.

When you are on an outdoor vacation, besides enjoying the scenery, the tent restaurant is a good place for you to relax. No matter it is having a beer or cold drinks, it can make you feel comfortably and that is the vocation we expected.