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Luxury Glamping Tent Manufacturer

Moxuanju Architecture Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd, as a sub-brand of Liri Tent, carries the professional technical knowledge accumulated by Liri Tent for more than 20 years, and its rich experience in research &development, design and tent production. It is one of the few professional companies that concentrate on the private customization of hotel tents at home and abroad.

With the design concept of “close to nature” and “integration into nature”, Moxuanju has developed various types of hotel tents, villa tents and special camp tents. Each tent has passed the safety inspection of many international organizations. With elegant, fashion, and leisure design, it is the main choice for tourist attractions and camps. For the hotel tents, from the beginning of the design to the construction process, we will send professional engineers to the site to inspect and plan the appropriate design.

Moxuanju concentrates on the product comfort and environmental integration greatly, provides a variety of decoration schemes and tent camp planning services for the interior hotel-style wild luxury tent with exquisite craftsmanship and dialysis of the natural environment, letting you enjoy the freshness and tranquility of nature in the busy life.

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Professional Glamping Tent Manufacturer

Moxuanju Architecture Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd


We could turn your camp ideas into reality, and fully customized and creative hotel tent design offers a unique vocation experience.


Our hotel tents are designed with high-strength frames, durable and waterproof PVC fabric to avoid outdoor sunshine and rain, which could provide a better outdoor accommodation experience.


It’s a distinct form of traditional camping, and suitable for people who want to experience a hotel or resort while enjoying outdoor camping. The luxury hotel tents have simple but comfortable designs.


Compared to traditional hotel constructions, our tent hotels are modular designs, and the construction time costs only 1/10 of the traditional hotels.


The interior is with bathrooms, bedrooms, terrace and other areas, and also electricity, flooring, lighting and other facilities. You could also have a comfortable accommodation experience in the wild.


The construction of the hotel tent does not require foundation and is flexible in site selection, and allowing the hotel to integrate into the outdoor and move to different places for reuse according to demand.

21Term of Operation
500Staff in Our Company
121600Covered Factory Area
120Supplied Countries

Today, Moxuanju has become a well-known hotel tent company at home and abroad, and products designed by the company are deeply loved by consumers. The company always adheres to the original ecological construction, which can bring “invasive” experience about the original wild scenery and enjoy the nature world under the stars, and return life to nature. “Advocating simplicity”, creating modular and simple hotel tent for the customers, incorporating the concept of “home” into the tent hotel we develop and design, Moxuanju could help clients to farewell to the “ ground floor” camping experience and bring you an extraordinary place to live.