Multi Peak Glamping Safari Tent

The design concept of "close to nature" and "integrating into nature", Standardized design, onsite assemble. It has sofa, independent bathroom, private bathtub, outdoor viewing platform, and chic decoration.

  1. General Details

    Multi-Peak Lodge Tent

    Multi-Peak Glamping Safari Tent is a high-quality aluminum alloy frame structure without reinforced steel concrete. You can quickly build it in the wild. This flexible structural design makes the tent easy to be disassembled at any time. you can reinstall and use it in a new place. It makes up for the non-movable ability of traditional buildings. It has zero pollution to the surrounding environment during construction, effectively protecting the original ecology of the natural environment.

    In recent years, People are increasingly favoring luxury glamping tents. The unique design and the unique interior decoration will let this hotel become well-known on the holiday.

    Traveling outside, no matter where the destination is, you need a comfortable and secure temporary stay point. At this time, a good accommodation environment will directly affect the passenger’s travel satisfaction. Passenger satisfaction is an important factor to enhance the economic benefits of a resort.

    Multi Peak Lodge Tent 3

    Multi Peak Lodge Tent 2

    Multi Peak Lodge Tent 1

    The emergence of multi peak glamping safari tent follows this concept. People can experience the resort environment and enjoy the beauty of nature. In order to ensure a high-quality holiday experience, it has a wide range of home appliances altogether. At the same time, it can also show your cooking skill to make dishes, The candlelight dinner will be romantic which makes your holiday trip with full of pleasure.

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