Dome Tent Design

Dome House Glamping

Our dome house glamping has become a popular product of glamping hotel tents, satisfying the luxury accommodation experience.

6m Glamping Dome With Bathroom

To truly experience the beauty of nature, many people choose to set up small camping tents in the mountains.

Elliptical Dome for Glamping Resorts

The Elliptical Dome is a very light and modular design. Easy to assemble and dismantle which is popularly used for camping.

Eco Friendly Dome

The camping hotel tents made by Moxuanju always adhere to a concept, in order to provide people with more comfortable living space

8m Diameter Eco Living Dome

8m Diameter Eco Living Dome provided by Moxuanju for one of our clients in American. The dome is located in the field far away from the crowd.

Geodesic Dome Glamping In The Winter

We attach great importance to the comfort of the geodesic dome in the winter. We provide a variety of cold-proof and warm-keeping methods.

Geodesic Dome for Island Beach Glamping Resort

You can take full advantage of the uniqueness of geodesic dome glamping tent elements

Glamping Dome Tent Resort

Glamping dome tent can bring a fresh camping innovation.

Dia.6m Glamping Dome Kits for Luxury Tent Resort

Camping, which has a primitive appeal to everyone, and having for a long time in the city, how long have we not seen the bright sky and the Milky Way?

Glamping Dome Suite For Sale

Glamping Dome Suite allows us to enjoy the comfort and the close contact with nature, to create an eco-low carbon and fashionable outdoor tent hotel,

Two Story Glamping Dome

Among them, the most eye-catching one is the two-story glamping dome which designed and manufactured by our company.

Luxury Dome Dining

It is a new experience to enjoy the tranquility and comfort of nature while staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Forest Resort Glamping Dome

Good break away from the traffic and annoyance in the city and exploring sumptuous travel with campsite dome rooms in forest resort to experience the natur

Stars Dome Glamping

But maybe you don’t know Star Dome Glamping tent which you can lay in bed comfortably to enjoy the sky with full stars.

Geodesic dome glamping tent, with its unique dome shape, combined with the concept of outdoor luxury glamping, has quickly gained market recognition, and unique luxury tent resorts have been built all over the world. Geodesic dome glamping tent has excellent thermal insulation performance and large floor-to-ceiling viewing windows, bringing a different outdoor glamping experience. The spacious interior provides more possibilities for creating personalized space.

As Moxuanju’s first glamping tent product series, it embodies the many years of tent research and development experience and excellent design capabilities of the Moxuanju professional team. The geodesic dome glamping tent adopts a unique geodesic mesh shell structure design, which is not only safe and stable, but also lightweight, quick to set up, and easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to achieve an outdoor luxury glamping experience.