Outdoor GYM Fitness Center Canopy
Indoor Archery Range

The indoor archery range manufactured by MORE TENT is not limited in size.

Yoga Tent

We combine the tent structure with the fresh nature air to create a multi-functional yoga room.

Compared with overcrowded tourist attractions, glamping tent resorts offer people the feeling of relaxing their body and recuperating their souls. Glamping Tent Resorts are generally built in the beautiful scenery, it is the holiday life that people longing for, especially when you finish a busy work and take a pleasant walk in the resort. Can the glamping tent bring more possibilities to the resort other than allowing tourists to enjoy the accommodation and beautiful views?

The resort is to use the natural resources to create a five-star resort accommodation in nature, creating a way of travel for tourists to include accommodation, leisure, culture, entertainment, and vacation. Some mature resorts with brand awareness are basically equipped with rich leisure entertainment facilities, like the gym, yoga room, swimming pool, and spa club were built. The glamping tents we have can also achieve these uses according to the resort’s plan other than providing high-quality accommodation. Use the unique shape structure of the tent to create characteristic space, such as Gym Tent, Yoga Tent, indoor swimming pool, etc.