Double Peak Safari Tent

To enjoy leisure glamping trip in nature,
takes Moxuanju multi-peak glamping safari tent.
Modular design allows convertible arrangement,
fully furbished space provides glamorous experience.
Make your holiday a special one,
good times start from a good night stay.

  1. General Details

    Double Peak Safari Tent Glamping

    For a long time, focusing on the relationship between human and nature, we have been always trying to achieve the goal of fitting “home” concept into luxury safari tents which developed by MoXuanJu, hoping to bring warmth to the people who live in by a good combination of space and structure. Positioning high-end uses, double peak safari tent structure is aimed to provide more additional services.

    Double peak safari tent has a larger area and space for accommodation; it also can be designed with restaurants, coffee shops, stores, bookstores, water bars, and other application requirements according to different demands. Taking account of catering and entertainment service, they will bring a more comprehensive demand experience to tourists.

    Floor Plan

    Double Peak Safari Tent

    Clear Span ( m ) Length ( m ) Eave Height ( m ) Ridge Height ( m) Area ( m2 ) Suggested Platform Area( m² )
    6 15 2.5 5.7 78 135
    8 21 2.5 6.3 140 231
    10 26 2.5 7.7 200 338

    Accessories List

    Platform Structure: Steel and wood structure
    Cover System: 750-900g/m2 PVC-coated polyester textile.
    Sidewall System: Double glass wall, aluminum alloy wall(options: interior blinds, sliding windows, sliding doors, screens)
    Cover Color: White, and yellow, beige, black, silver-gray
    Optional Accessories: Furniture, household appliances, lighting, bathroom, composite floor, lining, curtain, glass door, etc.
    Uses: Glamping campsite, folk accommodation, parks and gardens, outdoor leisure and recreation, etc.

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