Star Tent

The design of Star Tent breaks through the traditional concept of tent. Innovative changes the shape to make the tent full of artistic and aesthetic.

  1. General Details

    The latest patented product independently developed by Moxuanju. It is a product that combines a glamping tent and membrane structure. The streamlined spire tensioned membrane form, the overall vision is straight and full, and it looks like stars from a distance. It has the artistic beauty of architectural design and it’s a landscape of its own. Especially when night falls, the star tents are integrated with the entire park which is particularly dazzling.

    These 4-star tents connected are used as the public area of the entire Tent Resort. It is a comprehensive public space integrating display, retail, rest, and reception. The top pointed structure mainly plays the role of heat preservation, heat insulation, and sound insulation. The curved building form not only achieves the beautiful appearance but also the curved design of the tensioned membrane is to improve the anti-snow load coefficient and avoid the accumulation of rain and snow.

    Star tent has the advantage of height over the traditional buildings. As a public space, when you are in there is no oppressive feeling. The large vertical glass wall supplies this space with enough light and a good view. Sit down and have a cup of coffee. Enjoy the view while sitting down with a cup of coffee.

    Moxuanju glamping tents are increasingly occupying the luxury holiday market. From the initial luxury camping products to the multi-purpose use of the entire resort, the beautiful buildings from the landscape, and the useful buildings serve the landscape.

    This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: ZL202121356090.X, ZL202130310327.X

    Tent Series HT-3xHEX10/250+OCT14/330
    Ground Area 45x32m
    Eave height Hexagon: 2.5m / 9.7m
    Top height Octagon: 3.3m / 12.8m
    lnternal area 372 m²
    Profile size Upright Support: 204x120x4mm(Aluminium Alloy)
    Eave Purlin: 60x60x3mm(Steel Q235)
    Gable Beam: 120x120x3mm(Steel Q235)
    Upright Support: 150x150x4mm(Steel Q235)
    Sidewall system Double-layer insulating glass walls,aluminumwalls, Steel sandwich walls,etc.
    Door & window system sliding door, Shutters window, Push window, Mesh
    Cover material Pvc or PVDF-coated polyester textile
    ( Flame Retardant,Anti-Mildew,uv-protecction)
    Fabric weight 750g-900g/m
    Flame retardant certification ln accordance with European DIN4102B1, M2 standards and the US CFM701 fire protection standard
    Cover color Sand yellow, Beige/ Cream, Silver-gray, Customized color
    Optional accessories Furniture, Household appliances, Bedclothes, Lighting, Bathroom, SPC Click Floor, Lining and curtain,
    Sash window, Option of Lining (insulation cotton) color and thickness,
    Push open window, Bathroom system(bath, shower, toilet),
    Sidewall sliding window
    Purpose Glamping campsite,Folk accommodation.
    Featured wild luxury campsite,Parks and gardensHot spring vacation,Water park lounge
    Outdoor leisure and recreation, etc.
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