4m Shell Shape Glamping Tent

The shell shape glamping tent combines the elegant form of architecture and bionics, which is the best choice among various outdoor campsites. With an open platform to meet the needs of viewing from different angles, the sharp shell angle can provide shed from the rain and sunshine. The spacious platform attracts children and able to turned into a playground. There are mini, standard and luxury three types for choose.

  1. General Details

    All know that building a hotel in nature is not an overnight job, but the structural advantages of the tent hotel make it be a hotel solution that can be quickly landed and put into use. The tent resort is a popular wilderness accommodation in recent years. Its charm is that it can completely return to nature and become a part of nature. Forest, cliffs, sea, sunset, and comfortable travel life begins from the shell shape glamping tent.


    Shell shape glamping tent can be combined with nature well, which is derived from the “integrated nature” architectural concept, with a simple design to create a space philosophy that combines with nature, planning into single rooms, double rooms, family rooms. The style can also be completely customized, and there is no need to worry about the family tour. In addition to the beauty of the building, Shell Shape Glamping Tent’s services are full of humane care to meet all accommodation needs during your stay.

    Returning to nature does not mean that everything is original. Although sleeping in the wild, Shell shape glamping tent can be equipped with a public washroom, shower room, and kitchen. Shell shape glamping tent from Moxuanju can be equipped with a split bathroom and power supply system to provide a home-like and warm accommodation.

    Enjoy the view

    Many photographic enthusiasts have had the experience of running to the wilderness or observation deck, because they can occupy the “good” position to frame “long guns and short guns” when they arrive early, waiting for the moment of shooting, this is normal operation. Take a look at the terrace of the Shell Shape Glamping Tent at Moxuanju. As long as you want, the whole sky at night can be yours. In the morning, you can enjoy the view by pushing the door open. The best viewing platform is the terrace at the door of your room. You don’t have to grab the location with others. After watching the sunrise in the morning, you can enjoy your own delicious breakfast time with your beloved on the terrace. It’s also good to go back to sleep and go out to play. In short, don’t waste time running on distant roads.

    For experienced travelers, the hotel is no longer just a shortstop. The ultimate experience brought by Shell Shape Glamping Tent is the unforgettable scenery itself, enjoying the short stay of the trip. This is also one of the reasons and meaning of your travel.

    This product has obtained the national patent and patent number:ZL201920591124.X, ZL201930198036.9

    Floor Plan

    Shell Shape Glamping Tent floor plan

    Clear Span ( m ) Length ( m ) Ridge Height ( m ) Area ( m2 ) Suggested Platform Area ( m2 )
    4 11.7 2.85 31 46
    5 12.3 3.5 42 61
    6 13.1 4.3 53 78

    Accessories List

    Platform Structure: Steel and wood structure
    Cover System: 750-900g/m2 PVC-coated polyester textile.
    Structure Material: 6061/T6 Aluminum Alloy
    Cover Color: White, sand yellow, beige, black, silver-gray
    Optional Accessories: Furniture, household appliances, lighting, bathroom, composite floor, lining, curtain, glass door, etc.
    Uses: Glamping campsite, folk accommodation, parks and gardens, outdoor leisure and recreation, etc.

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