Tipi Tent Design

Three Giant Hats Tipi Tent Event

MORE TENT combined three TIPI tents to form a space similar in shape to Three Giant Hats

Event in a Tipi Tent

A unique outdoor event tent is enough to make the brand event site more outstanding.

Bamboo Tipi for Concept Stores

In addition to glamping camps, you can arrange them according to your ideas.

Tipi Bar and Coffee Shop

The retro design of the TIPI tent is very suitable for bars and coffee shops.

Tipi Event Tent for Desert Racing

We added outdoor camping elements to desert racing.

Tipi Tent Hotel

The above project case is the combination of tipi tents and hotels. Each independent tent is like a hotel room.

Canvas Tipi Tent

The canvas tipi tent developed by MORE TENT has a ceiling height of 5.4m and an internal area of 42 square meters.

Double Tipi

The double tipi can be spliced and combined to adapt to various occasions and needs.

Luxe Tipi Tent

We design capabilities and rich construction experience to create a more refined and luxurious luxe tipi tent.

Bamboo Lantern Tent for Events

The pure white canvas design of the bamboo lantern tent. It is an iconic tent with a strong visual impact and stands out in commercial events.

Beach Tipi Tent

TIPI tent is made of complete Chinese fir, which is high density, tough, light, and soft. It is a good material for construction.

Indian Tipi Tent For Event

Indian tipi tent has strong variability. The skirt edge can be closed, half spread and full spread according to the needs.

Tipi Style Camping Tents

We built many Diameter 6M glamping dome tents with bathroom for customers.

Big Tipi Tent for Campground

As one of the first choices for outdoor camping, the big tipi tent, each TIPI tent series product has been integrated with nature.

White Tipi Camping Tent

Nowadays TIPI has also become a new favorite for outdoor luxury camping. The white canvas is closer to modern life than the sandy color.

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TIPI tent has a long history, it is not just a tent, but also has temperature and soul. Many people’s impression of TIPI tents is limited to old and poor accommodation. We have re-developed the TIPI tent, which is made of natural fir as the bracket and waterproof canvas as the “coat”. Simple materials can make a large outdoor camp.

As a structure with a huge volume, the TIPI tent does not appear obtrusive in the natural environment. You can divide the area in the tent for different functions, and you can also use multiple tents to combine them into a party venue or outdoor restaurant. Not only is it beautiful, but it also has a more profound and unique experience.

MORE TENT insists on using natural fir as tent support. Chinese fir has traces of time, and high-density canvas gives it better protection. In addition to the traditional sunscreen and waterproof, its strength also has significant advantages in snow-carrying and wind resistance, and it also gives everyone a better sense of security.