Hot Balloon Glamping Tent

The double-deck structure is inspired by Turkish hot air balloon.
First floor is bar and lounge,
fully equipped kitchen is available for a good feast
Exclusive supreme view from the second floor,
adding cozy and comfy bedroom,
make the whole pack of glamping experience in nature.

  1. General Details

    Floor Plan

    1st floor ( m )
    2nd floor ( m )
    Platform Height ( m ) Ridge Height ( m ) Area
    1st floor ( m2 )
    2nd floor ( m2 )
    4.4 6 2.8 6.3 15 28
    5.3 7 3.0 7.1 22 38
    6.3 8 3.0 7.7 31 50

    *8m, 10m diameter available.

    Accessories List

    2nd Floor Structure: Steel and wood structure
    Cover System: 750-900g/m2 PVC-coated polyester textile.
    Structure Material: Steel Q235(Hot-dip, galvanised, white color)
    Cover Color: White, sand yellow, beige, black, silver-gray
    Optional Accessories: Furniture, household appliances, lighting, bathroom, composite floor, lining, curtain, door, etc.
    Uses: Glamping campsite, folk accommodation, parks and gardens, outdoor leisure and recreation, etc.

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