Portable Glamping Box

Moxuanju launched a brand new portable box hotel, provide a more comfortable camping place for visitors.

  1. General Details

    Movable Box Hotel

    The portable glamping box is to replace the traditional tent camping site and provide a more comfortable camping place for visitors. We offer portable box hotels of 2.3m, 6m, 8m, 12m, and luxury pop up room. The design uses an advanced interior design concept to hide the internal wires in a clever way so that the internal use area is properly distributed. We have integrated bathrooms, air conditioning, and comfortable single or queen beds depending on the customer’s needs. These designs ensure that you can fall asleep comfortably while on the go. This is the correct open way to outdoor camping.

    Simple And Quick Installation Method

    At the same time, the portable glamping box’s whole structural design is light, movable, foldable, easy to transport. You can apply it to a variety of venues. The portable glamping box has a simple and quick installation method. It can cope with various outdoor weather, making this camping easier and more convenient. Considering that there is a certain risk index in the outdoors, especially at night, the portable box hotel door is designed with aluminum alloy and high-tech fingerprint unlocking to ensure safety.

    Moxuanju is a mobile hotel manufacturer famous for its innovation. If you like to travel outdoors and enjoy nature, you may wish to experience this different outdoor hotel. Our modular portable glamping box not only serves as scenic camps and characteristic towns. You can also use it as an office, pop up shop, creative coffee house, and other types of places.

    This product has obtained the national patent and patent number:ZL201521107672.9,ZL201920591123.5,ZL201930198116.4

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