Glamping Tents Design

Luxury camping has gradually become one of the ways for people to travel. Since the popularity of luxury camping, campsites around the world have undergone upgrades, not only pursuing a luxurious stay experience, but also having different requirements for the design and appearance of tents.

Moxuanju has developed multiple different shapes and functions of Glamping Tents to meet people’s design requirements, in order to create an excellent outdoor experience.

For example, our TIPI series tents have a unique retro feel. The exquisite materials used are the original conical fir poles, which not only weaken the modern craftsmanship, but also preserve the most primitive sense of life and creativity, allowing people to fully experience this unique party. In addition, Indian tents have a sense of stability and security, with smooth curves and a prominent South American style that perfectly matches the outdoor suburban environment, wild yet elegant. You can also combine multiple tents to form a larger space, which is very suitable for activities, parties, and dining.

In addition, our designed shell shape tent not only has various sizes to meet the accommodation conditions of single, double, and multiple people, but also has the layout of one kitchen, one bathroom, and one living room, breaking the traditional concept of camping. The PVC french window on the side of the shell shape tent is one of the most brilliant designs. It can face the beauty of nature directly, like sleeping in nature, and has a good function of massaging the brain.

The living environment determines the impression of the campsite. Our glamping tents not only meet the requirements of luxury camping, but also match the natural environment in appearance, making them the choice for major campsites.

Commercial Teepee Tent

The Large teepee tent is a very adaptable camp wild luxury tent.

Three Giant Hats Tipi Tent Event

Moxuanju combined three TIPI tents to form a space similar in shape to Three Giant Hats

Event in a Tipi Tent

A unique outdoor event tent is enough to make the brand event site more outstanding.

Bamboo Tipi for Concept Stores

In addition to glamping camps, you can arrange them according to your ideas.

Tipi Bar and Coffee Shop

The retro design of the TIPI tent is very suitable for bars and coffee shops.

Tipi Event Tent for Desert Racing

We added outdoor camping elements to desert racing.

Dome House Glamping

Our dome house glamping has become a popular product of glamping hotel tents, satisfying the luxury accommodation experience.

Tipi Tent Hotel

The above project case is the combination of tipi tents and hotels. Each independent tent is like a hotel room.

Canvas Tipi Tent

The canvas tipi tent developed by Moxuanju has a ceiling height of 5.4m and an internal area of 42 square meters.

Double Tipi

The double tipi can be spliced and combined to adapt to various occasions and needs.

Luxe Tipi Tent

We design capabilities and rich construction experience to create a more refined and luxurious luxe tipi tent.

Large Teepee Style Tent

Large teepee style tent can create a strong and large space, and the tent has a unique style. It is an ideal choice for outdoor venues.