Two Story Glamping Box

The Two-Story Glamping Box evolved from the capsule cabin inherits the structural mode of modular and rapid disassembly.

  1. General Details

    In a certain concept, ‘capsule’ is a synonym for a small space, which is secret and mysterious. In the development history of mobile architecture, the name of capsule cabin has started at home and abroad. Since the development of micro hotel, it is no longer a residential place with only 8 square meters. It is constantly updated and designed to make it in shops, exhibition halls and stores which show its unique charm.

    The Two-Story Glamping Box evolved from the capsule cabin inherits the structural mode of modular and rapid disassembly. At the same time, it has the advantages of a variety of color matching, materials, and free splicing. It looks like a huge window. Its appearance looks fashionable and simple. No matter what color, it can give people different visual effects.

    Although the two-story glamping box is a three-dimensional rectangle, the rounded design makes it less hard. Even large-area tempered glass and aluminum profiles will not appear cold and hard, but have a special sense of art and minimalist style. The combination of light colors is very consistent with the overall internal and external image, and the simple color blocks appropriately reflect the taste of ‘fashion’.

    With continuous innovation, as a new image, the application scope of the 10m double-layer capsule tent is more extensive. The large-area transparent windows not only expand the sense of space but also make the whole building look bright and amazing.

    Indoor wall posters can be seen clearly from a distance through the glass walls. Whether decorative posters or brand publicity posters, this is great advertising space. People coming and going can notice the existence of the two-story glamping box at the first sight.

    The first floor of the two-story glamping box is used as the reception area. Tables and chairs are set next to it for simple rest and a short chat. Visually, the second floor is much brighter than the first floor. It is a very comfortable rest area with not only drinks but also coffee and fruit.

    In the open space on the second floor, the tables and chairs in the rest area are divided into two areas. The four-seat area is more suitable for talking with people, while the bar next to the windows is more suitable for enjoying the scenery. You can sit in the afternoon by ordering a dessert and a drink.

    If you feel stuffy, there is also an open balcony on the second floor of the two-story glamping box. It is also a very comfortable thing to hold coffee, breathe fresh air and look into the distance with the breeze.

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