Hawaii Glamping Tent

The roof top of the Hawaii glamping tent has a double layer design. The cotton decorative insulation layer provides good resistance to outdoor high and low temperatures. The arc shape roof can effectively resist the rain. The screen window at the entrance adopts the self-priming curtain design, with screen windows on both sides. You can be in the nature on the viewing platform.

  1. General Details

    Though more and more hotels and resorts are springing up, there are always some that can give you the once-in-a-lifetime experience. People love these resorts not for how luxurious it is but their unique and creative design.

    Some novel hotels can not only provide comfortable accommodation for travelers but also adds a lot of fun to their journey. Our Hawaii Glamping Tent is definitely giving you a whole new experience toward outdoor resorts and hotels.

    Hawaii Glamping Tent structureThe Hawaii Glamping Tent adopts a double-layer roof frame. The frame can be installed with a decorative thermal insulation cotton layer, which able to well resist external heat and cold. The arc roof shape also effectively resists rain accumulation. It is very important for glamping tents used in the field for a long period of time. Sidewalls on both sides of the tent equipped with screen windows, the entrance screen windows are designed with self-priming curtains to better prevent insects. In order to improve the living experience, the Hawaii Glamping Tent is equipped with a complete set of furniture and electrical appliances. A viewing balcony is designed at the entrance. You can stay here for a cup of tea while watching sunrise or sunset, enjoy the fun and peace of an extraordinary outdoor experience, a variety of different accommodation styles.

    This Hawaii Glamping Tent is a star product without a doubt for its fresh design. The combination of its shape and the surrounding scenery highlights the beauty of the architectural design, which virtually upgrades the holiday camp to a higher level. It may not be the most luxurious building in the resort, but it must be the most special one.

    Hawaii Glamping Tent Features

    • The roof top adopts double-layer frame structure, able to install decorative thermal insulation cotton layer.
    • Arc shaped roof to avoid water accumulation on the roof
    • The self-priming door with screen window curtain, the sidewalls on both sides equipped with screen windows to prevent insects.
    • Open balcony design, front and rear door design, square house type, good lighting
    • The frame is strong and suitable for a variety of outdoor environment for long-term use

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