Safari Tents

Multi Peak Glamping Safari Tent

The design concept of "close to nature" and "integrating into nature", Standardized design, onsite assemble. It has sofa, independent bathroom, private bathtub, outdoor viewing platform, and chic decoration.

High Peak Glamping Tent

Use a glamping tent in a remote place for a better accommodation experience at a hotel. The glamping tent will also be equipped with wifi, catering, entertainment, and other ancillary services.

Hexagonal Glamping Safari Tent

Hexagon glamping tent focuses on open space, bright, and integrates with nature. Leave more space for leisure and enjoyment, such as viewing platform, French windows, transparent skylight, which offers a higher level comfort than regular glamping tent.

Luxury Safari Tents

Pinnacle curved modular structure design, aluminum alloy and PVC fabricated structure, which can be matched with more than 7 different colors of double-coated polyester PVC fabric to distinguish to the traditional tent shape. Provide luxury, comfortable and quiet outdoor travel experience to scenic spots and campsites. You may sit on the balcony to drink tea, chat and enjoy the scenery, embrace the beautiful scenery around you.

Double Peak Safari Tent

To enjoy leisure glamping trip in nature,
takes Moxuanju multi-peak glamping safari tent.
Modular design allows convertible arrangement,
fully furbished space provides glamorous experience.
Make your holiday a special one,
good times start from a good night stay.

Moxuanju has created a series of safari glamping tents. The rooftop is designed with pinnacle and curved surface structure, which can be matched with more than 7 different color choices and equipped with complete internal facilities, creating a pleasant environment and bringing the unprecedented experience to the customers! The safari glamping tents can be widely used for tourist attractions, resorts, special towns, etc.

Outdoor vacation has led to the development of the hotel industry, especially in suburban and mountainous areas. More and more luxury glamping tents are known by the public. Safari glamping tents are more natural in shape than traditional houses. The beautiful appearance of the line feeling with customizable colors, and the natural beauty of integration. In terms of accommodation experience, Safari tents also have more space and luxury than ordinary camping tents. You can plan space of 2 bedrooms or 1 bedroom and 1 hall in the interior, plus the unique shape, which is a perfect accommodation experience in the outdoor scenic area.

Living in the wild is not limited and restricted by space, so to make full use of the outdoor natural space, you can extend out in the direction of the safari glamping tents hall to build a platform, get up in the morning and do outdoor yoga here. You can watch the scenery and bask in the sun during the day. You can barbecue and have a party here at night to create a real outdoor life.

Safari Tent Solutions

Multi-Peak Safari Tents for Camping Sites

The multi-peak glamping safari tent is a new design. It meets an innovative record of an indoor area of 400 square meters.

Safari Tent Glamping on Grassland

Moxuanju offers luxury safari tents that create a safe and comfortable outdoor luxurious camping environment for tourists.

Glamping Tent for Hot Spring Resorts

Glamping tents can be extended or shrank easily with its modular design. Its shape and specification can also be customized.

Hexagon Shape Eco Resort Tent House

Hexagon Shape Eco Resort Tent House has six sides, It is popularly used as living rooms and resort houses.

Multi Peak Luxury Safari Tent

Moxuanju Multi-peak safari Tent is a form of architecture different from the traditional hotels. It could be quickly built in the complex outdoor terrain.

Glamping Tent in India

These are the unique Characteristics of the India Tent Hotel tents that appeal to those who want to camp outdoors.

Luxury Winter Glamping Tent

The materials needed to build the Snow Mountain Tent Hotel are steel components, aluminum alloys, PVC waterproof tarpaulins, glass walls, etc.