Geodesic Dome Tent Glamping

The internal of the glamping dome tent is one of the highlights, 100% space available to use, enough for the customers to redesign the interior freely, and can be configured with wooden flooring, seats, lighting, and comfortable beds to provide customers with a variety of interior decoration solutions.

Shell Shape Glamping Tent

The ultimate experience brought by Shell Shape Glamping Tent is the unforgettable scenery itself, enjoying the short stay of the trip.

Safari Tents

The ultimate experience brought by Shell Shape Glamping Tent is the unforgettable scenery itself, enjoying the short stay of the trip.

Luxury Glamping Tent

In the wilderness, enjoy the luxury glamping tents. Travel, not always “tired and happy”, can also be “comfortable and luxury”. The glamping tents provide guests with a comfortable and relaxed camping without damaging the natural environment. Not only can you enjoy the fun of camping, but also make the originally monotonous journey more vivid and wonderful.

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Ladybug Dome Glamping

The newly designed Ladybug dome glamping by Mo Xuanju would be a very good choice!

Hawaii Glamping Tent

No matter the wind, rain, or sun, Hawaii's glamping tent can meet your pursuit of outdoor luxury camping.

Pattaya Glamping Tent

Our Pattaya Glamping Tent is definitely giving you the whole new experience toward outdoor resorts and hotels.

Half Dome Glamping

Characteristic and luxurious glamping tents have been popular on holiday in recent years.

Oval Dome Glamping Tent

Oval dome glamping tent is a new design Glamping Tent, made by stable reticulated shell structure with high space utilization.

Luxury Pop Up Room

Liri Luxury Pop Up Room is a new design based on the original modular box glmaping tent.You can enjoy the beautiful scenery together at night.

If you want to know about the size and price of the glamping tent, please feel free to contact us. MoxuanJu not only offers favorable prices according to your requirements, but also can provide various customized solutions for you.

Glamping Tents Design

Hexagon Shape Eco Resort Tent House

Hexagon Shape Eco Resort Tent House has six sides, It is popularly used as living rooms and resort houses.

Camping Resort Restaurant

Our Camping Resort restaurant is an ideal solution for resort restaurant construction.

Box Glamping Highlands

Box Glamping Highlands is a hotel you have never stayed in, which can bring you a whole new experience in the wild.

Souvenirs & Gifts Store Tent

Temporary store tents can create a shopping place for you anytime and anywhere, to help you solve various shopping needs.

All Weather Glamping Tents

Experience luxury hotel accommodation in the wild and feel the tranquility and beauty brought by nature.

National Park Glamping Tent

National Park Glamping Tent is suitable for various outdoor temporary places, convenient and fast

What Is Glamping Tents?



We can turn your camp idea into reality, fully customizable and innovative glamping tent design can provide a unique vacation experience.



Our glamping tent adopts high-reinforced frames and very durable & waterproof PVC fabric, which can avoid outdoor sunlight and rain, also provide a better outdoor accommodation experience.



This is the difference between traditional camping. It is suitable for people who want to experience luxury resorts while enjoying outdoor camping. The glamping tent has a simple and comfortable design.



Compared with the traditional resort construction, our glamping tents adopts the modular design, which only takes one-tenth of the construction time of traditional resort.

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Glamping Tent Ideas