Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy

MORE TENT Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd recognizes that protecting the privacy of our customers and their personal information is the basis of the company’s business and one of the company’s social responsibilities. In order to responsibly protect our customers’ personal information, the company has established the personal information protection policy set forth below. MORE TENT has established an in-house system and strategies for protecting personal information, which it is committed to implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving. The company’s personal information protection system and activities are designed to comply with all relevant legislation and in-house rules, and to be worthy of our customers’ confidence.

2. Obtaining personal information from customers

2-1. Obtaining personal information

In the course of providing services to our customers, we may obtain from customers such personal information as their name, address, and contact information. When obtaining personal information from customers, only the necessary information is obtained, and the purpose and extent of the utilization of the information is clearly explained.

2-2.How information is obtained

Personal information is obtained by the following means in the course of customer transactions with the Group, related to Group facilities or products (such as product sales, the provision/sale of amenities and the provision of services) and other transactions.

(1)Directly from the customer
By telephone, in writing, from business cards, verbally, or over the Internet

(2)From a person duly authorized by the customer
Such authorized persons may include those authorized to make a reservation on behalf of a customer or to introduce a customer, travel agencies, and package tour companies.

(3)From published information
Newspapers, Internet, telephone books, publications, and other written materials.

2-3.Types of personal information obtained by the company

The personal information obtained by the company may include the following information: name, place of work, home/work address, email address, telephone number, fax number, date of birth, gender, leisure activities, and other services, information required to fulfill special requirements.

2-4.Right to refuse to provide personal information

Our company does not compel customers to provide personal information. At all times, the customer has the right to choose whether or not to provide personal information to us. However, in the event that a customer refuses to provide personal information such as his or her name, it may not be possible to provide certain services, such as purchasing.

3. Use of customer personal information

3-1.Purposes for which personal information is used
Our company uses a customer’s personal information only for the purpose(s) and within the scope made clear to the customer at the time the information is obtained. We make absolutely no use of personal information for other purposes or beyond the indicated scope.

3-2.Types of personal information obtained by MORE TENT and purposes of use
In principle, the personal information obtained and held by the company is used to provide customers with information and services in relation to ordering products.
The personal information is also used for:
Providing various types of information and services from our company.
Providing services from the company that are tailored to individual customer requirements
Providing information related to products and services provided by the Group and trustworthy third parties
Improving Group services on the basis of customer needs

Personal information is held for the above mentioned reasons. The provision of various types of information in the above cases is by such means as direct contact with the customer, direct mailings, or email.

When information is to be used for purposes other than the above, the purpose and limits of the proposed use are made clear to the customer prior to the acquisition or use of the personal information and is only obtained or used with the consent of the customer.

3-3.Use of cookies
Cookies are a widely used technology on the Internet for identifying a customer’s computer. Company services may use information identifying the customer combined with information on pages browsed by the customer, which is collected using cookies. This information is used within the scope specified under “Purposes for which personal information is used”. Customers can disable cookies by changing their browser settings, but this may result in an inability to access some or all of the services provided on the website.