Panorama Dome Tent

The wooden structure panorama dome tent is a luxury Glamping Tent, compared with the aluminum frame structure.

  1. General Details

    Series PD-5 PD-5×8 PD-5×10 PD-6 PD-6×9 PD-6×11
    Width 5m 5m 5m 6m 6m 6m
    Length 8m 10m 9m 11m
    Ridge height 2.9m 2.9m 2.9m 3.2m 3.2m 3.2m
    Floor area 20m² 35m² 45m² 28m² 46m² 58m²
    Volume 40m³ 75m³ 99m³ 61m³ 106m³ 136m³

    The wooden structure Panorama Dome is a luxury Glamping Tent, compared with the aluminum frame structure, the overall feeling is more aesthetic. The wooden dome structure gives the tent a beautiful natural look. Every detail of the joint has been specially designed that ensures strong stability, wind loading, and snow loading. The Panorama Dome uses a unique tensioning system, the PVC fabric is stretched over the wooden frame. After assembly, it can still be adjusted to ensure optimum tension at all times. The unique roof is not only a shade for sunshine, but also offers a stunning panoramic view to enjoy the outside beauty.

    • Keel material: Structural plywood, surface wood wax oil painting
    • Environmental grade: GB39600-2021 E0 level
    • Flame retardant grade: GB8624-2012 B1 level
    • Anti-ant resistance: GB18260-2015 8 level
    • Wind pressure: 0.5kN/m³
    • Snow pressure: 0.2kN/m²

    The Panorama Dome can easily accommodate two people. It can be equipped with wooden flooring, a toilet, a shower cabin, and a fireplace. It can divide into the inside lounge areas and exterior lounge sets. The event is fixed in an outside place, but it can offer a luxury living experience. In order to provide a comfortable living environment, the Panorama Dome is fixed with a ventilation system. A single zipper door is designed to prevent mosquitoes. And insulation cotton is also available to have good heat preservation which makes it also popularly used in the cold region.

    Except for the Dome Shape, the Panorama Dome can be made in a unique oval shape. The special appearance is similar to the time capsule, with a unique visual experience. The Panorama Tent also provides a unique panorama window to enjoy the beauty of nature.

    This product has obtained the national patent, patent number:  202230732655.3, 202230733345.3, 202222774658.0

    Panorama Dome Tent Video

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