Luxury Tent Camping Cases

Luxury Tent Camping designed by Moxuanju balances the ecological between architecture and nature. We develop a new variety of luxury camping tents. Our luxury camping tent products with comfortable plush beds, furniture, bathrooms, air conditioning, and personalization. The glamping tent custom manufacturing service brings an impressive holiday in a scenic camp.

National Park Glamping Tent

National Park Glamping Tent is suitable for various outdoor temporary places, convenient and fast

Circus Tent

MoXuanJu combines these function with living and traveling to make travelers gain two different experiences..

Pop Up Tent Shop Design

Our glamping tent products are not only for high-quality outdoor holidays but also can be used for shopping purposes.

Yoga Tent

We combine the tent structure with the fresh nature air to create a multi-functional yoga room.

Permanent Glamping Tents

permanent glamping tents are a way to provide a better-personalized experience with cost-effective.

Outdoor Covered Restaurant

Outdoor luxury camping tent, providing customers with a one-stop camp life experience.

Traveling Home Tents for Glamping

Traveling home tents for Glamping is best accompanied by intimate special services

Study Tour Glamping Tent

We offer different designs of Study Tour Glamping Tent, including geodesic dome, shell, and high peak shapes.

Glamping Dome Tent Resort

Glamping dome tent can bring a fresh camping innovation.