Glamping Tents Design

Luxury glamping tent designed by Moxuanju balances the ecological between architecture and nature. We develop a new variety of luxury glamping tents with comfortable plush beds, furniture, bathrooms, air conditioning, and personalization. The glamping tent custom manufacturing service brings an impressive holiday in a scenic camp.

Lodge Cabin Tent for Glamping

Lodge cabin tent for glamping, It is a safer, more private and more comfortable glamping tent designed for outdoor campsites.

Big Tipi Tent for Campground

As one of the first choices for outdoor camping, the big tipi tent, each TIPI tent series product has been integrated with nature.

Outdoor Teepee Tent Reception Venues

Outdoor Teepee Tent can be used in outdoor parties, weddings, business events, etc, very suitable for outdoor events.

White Tipi Camping Tent

Nowadays TIPI has also become a new favorite for outdoor luxury camping. The white canvas is closer to modern life than the sandy color.

Giant Tipi Tent for sale

In the giant tipi tent series, tipi-40 is definitely designed for outdoor parties. It can be used for dinners, parties, or as an outdoor bar.

Tipi Event Tent

This tipi event tent can be quickly disassembled, packed, and transported. It is also very suitable for outdoor events.

Luxury Cocoon Glamping Tent House

The luxury cocoon glamping tent house can be built in forests, beaches, lakes, river banks, deserts, and even cliffs.

Multi-Peak Safari Tents for Camping Sites

The multi-peak glamping safari tent is a new design. It meets an innovative record of an indoor area of 400 square meters.

Elliptical Dome for Glamping Resorts

The Elliptical Dome is a very light and modular design. Easy to assemble and dismantle which is popularly used for camping.

Outdoor and Garden Dining Pods

The transparent material of the Garden Dining Pods will not produce a sense of crowding visually. It gives you a very special experience.

Glamping Tent with Bathroom

Shell shape glamping tent has an independent bathroom system. The solar water heaters allow guests to take a comfortable hot bath.

Eco Friendly Dome

The camping hotel tents made by Moxuanju always adhere to a concept, in order to provide people with more comfortable living space