Tent Hotel Cases

Glamping Dome Resort

Camping, which has a primitive appeal to everyone, and having for a long time in the city, how long have we not seen the bright sky and the Milky Way?

Luxury Glamping Tent Resort

The three sets of Eco Resort Tents we built for this island, are assembled mobile structures.

Glamping Dome Suite For Sale

Glamping Dome Suite allows us to enjoy the comfort and the close contact with nature, to create an eco-low carbon and fashionable outdoor tent hotel,

Two Story Glamping Dome

Among them, the most eye-catching one is the two-story glamping dome which designed and manufactured by our company.

Multi-Peak Luxury Safari Tent

Moxuanju Multi-peak safari Tent is a form of architecture different from the traditional hotels. It could be quickly built in the complex outdoor terrain.

Glamping Tent in Silicon Valley of California

The camping hotel tents made by Moxuanju always adhere to a concept, in order to provide people with more comfortable living space

India Glamping Tent Hotel

These are the unique Characteristics of the India Tent Hotel tents that appeal to those who want to camp outdoors.

Luxury Dome Glamping Tent

It is a new experience to enjoy the tranquility and comfort of nature while staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Snow Mountain Glamping Tent

The materials needed to build the Snow Mountain Tent Hotel are steel components, aluminum alloys, PVC waterproof tarpaulins, glass walls, etc.

Souvenir Shop Tent

Cooperation Project: Moxuanju built several 21m long scenic souvenir sales awnings for the Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom as the Souvenir Tent Shops.

Campsite Dome Room in Forest Resort

Good break away from the traffic and annoyance in the city and exploring sumptuous travel with campsite dome rooms in forest resort to experience the natur

Star Dome Glamping

But maybe you don’t know LIRI Star Dome Glamping tent which you can lay in bed comfortably to enjoy the sky with full stars.