Capsule Glamping Box

The mobile module capsule glamping box, developed and produced by Moxuanju, is specially designed for outdoor temporary camping. It has a strong and stable appearance structure, adopts high strength aluminum alloy profile, and is waterproof, windproof, UV proof and long service life.

The construction of the capsule glamping box is very convenient and can be set up in place without any mechanical assistance. Capsule glamping box is comfortable inside and can be equipped with the simple single bed, bathroom, lighting system, portable desk and chair, hot and cold air conditioning, etc. Now we accept the customized design for it.

Modular Glamping Box

The “green capsule” modular glamping box is shaped to accommodate two adults.
Soft beds, sanitary ware, air conditioning are well-equipped.
Select environmental friendly materials to ensure energy conservation,
Provide residents with the comfort of accommodation.
Modular Glamping Box,
A good companion for glamping and field trip.

Portable Glamping Box

Moxuanju launched a brand new portable box hotel, which not only looks beautiful and fashionable, but also solves the various drawbacks of the camping tents, and has become a mandatory product for many tourists.