Geodesic Dome Glamping

We focusing on various types of glamping tent, from the customization of scenery dome glamping to interior decoration layout.

  1. General Details

    Tourism has gradually become a modern way for people to enjoy life. Nowadays, tourist attractions without features cannot meet the needs of tourists, but the appearance of a new type of scenery geodesic dome glamping tent has become a perfect product to attract tourists.

    Geodesic Dome Structure Glamping Tent

    Dome glamping tent is a new type of camping tent with geodesic dome appearance made by Moxuanju Architecture Technology(Zhuhai)Co., Ltd. Its frame is made of high strength and light quality aluminum alloy, which is resistant to corrosion and rust, safe and stable, convenient to assembly, and applicable to a variety of fields. The dome glamping tent cover is made of PVC fabric with fire prevention, wind and rain resistance, adaptable to all kinds of bad weather in the outdoors. According to the customer requirements and scene requirements, we can provide clear cover, so that the guests living in the dome hotel tent can enjoy the spectacular sunrise, sunset, and vast starry sky, enjoying the pure romance and tranquility. Whether it’s a scenic spot, a campground, a resort, or a playground, the presence of scenery geodesic dome glamping tent for the hotel can be a perfect setting.

    Five-star interior environment

    The interior is one of the highlights of a dome glamping tent, with 100% space, enough for customers to design freely, and can be configured with wooden floors, seats, lamps, and comfortable big beds. At the same time, it can also be equipped with a complete set of the bathroom. So indoor space will not be narrow. Moxuanju pays special attention to details and designs. Indoor cables and pipes are hidden by the shelf of a cubicle, creating a five-star interior environment, providing customers with a variety of different styles in decorating plans.

    Moxuanju is a professional company focusing on various types of glamping tent, from the customization of scenery geodesic dome tent to interior decoration layout, from the purchase of glamping tent furniture to the planning of the whole camp, will provide you with perfect glamping tent solutions. More details, please contact us!

    Geodesic Dome Glamping Specification

    Diameter 6m 7m 8m
    Ceiling Height 3.52m 4.1m 4.68m
    Indoor Area 28.3m² 38.5m² 50m²
    Space Volume 70m³ 110m³ 168m³
    Membrane Material Double Sided PVC Coated Polyester Fabric
    Certifications Class B1 and M2 of Fire Resistance According to DIN 4102
    Cover Color White, Sand Yellow, Beige, Black, Silver Gray
    Structure Material Steel Q235  Hot-dip,Galvanised,powder coated white Color
    Windloads 100km/h(0.5KN/m²)
    Windows Circular or triangular transparent membrane Windows available on request
    Optional Accessories Furniture,Home Appliances,Bedding,Lighting,Sanitary Ware,Flooring,Luxury Curtain,lnner Lining (insulation cotton)Color,Thickness are Optional Aluminum Alloy Single-Wing Door (Wood Patter Painting) Single Door Size: 1m x 2.1m Honeycomb Curtain Electric Skylight Solar Fans
    Purpose Scenic tent camp,Guesthouse Tent Camp,Special Wild Camp,Garden Landscape,Hot Spring Vacation,Water Park Lounge,Leisure Travel Specialty Restaurant,etc.
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