Pattaya Glamping Tent

The roof top of the Pattaya glamping tent has a double layer design, allows the air interchange from the gap between two layers. The cotton decorative insulation layer provides good resistance to outdoor high and low temperatures. The The screen window at the entrance adopts the self-priming curtain design, with screen windows on both sides. You may get the vacation vibe and exotic feeling by seeing this tent.

  1. General Details

    We are trying our best to develop comfortable and in line with the principle of harmonious coexistence of human and nature Hotel tents. Now, the Pattaya Glamping Tent has finally appeared.

    In terms of structure, our Pattaya Glamping Tent adopts a high-strength strong iron frame and thermal insulation tarpaulin, maintaining our consistent semi-permanent building characteristics, so that customers can move the tents and install them repeatedly according to their actual needs.

    In terms of tent design, the main highlight is the double-layer roof design of the tent, which not only improves the air circulation inside the tent but also plays a better role in heat insulation. There is a gauze net in the middle of the double roof to prevent mosquitoes from entering and solve the problem of mosquito bites when people are camping outdoors. The overall shape of the tent is square, so there is more space for use in the decoration and layout of the tent. In addition, transparent PVC tarpaulin is used for the three sidewalls of the tent, which can not only maximize the indoor lighting but also allow the residents to enjoy the outdoor natural scenery in the tent. No matter the wind, rain, or sun, Pattaya glamping tents can meet your pursuit of outdoor luxury camping.

    Currently, Pattaya glamping tent supports customized sizes of 5 * 5m, 5 * 7.5m, 5 * 10m, 6 * 6m, and 6 * 9m. According to the size of the tent, a variety of furniture and household items can be placed inside. Camping in the wild is no longer simply because of our glamping tent. Campers can also experience nature and enjoy a new and unforgettable living environment.

    This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: ZL202030268166.8, 202021687143.1

    Pattaya Glamping Tent Features

    • Double roof design, including three-layers fabric, Double-coated PVC polyester fabric, Aluminum foil bubble film, and densified polyester canvas.
    • Integral cube and modular design, the custom size is available.
    • Transparent PVC door curtain to get daylight.
    • The tent is available to set up on grass, earth, beach ground with a platform.

    Pattaya Glamping Tent

    Tent Series Span Width Bay Distance Eave height / Ridge height Interior area Exterior area Platform area
    HT-PAT5×5 5m 2.5m 2.3m / 3.95m 5×5=25m² 6.3×6.3=40m² 5×7.5=37.5m²(Customized)
    HT-PAT5×7.5 5m 2.5m 2.3m / 3.95m 5×7.5=37.5m² 6.3×8=55m² 5×10=50m²(Customized)
    HT-PAT5×10 5m 2.5m 2.3m / 3.95m 5×10=50m² 6.3×11.3=72m² 5×12.5=62.5m²(Customized)
    HT-PAT6×6 6m 3m 2.3m / 4.95m 6×6=36m² 7.26×7.26=53m² 6×9=54m²(Customized)
    HT-PAT6×9 6m 3m 2.3m / 4.95m 6×9=54m² 7.26×10.26=75m² 6×12=72m²(Customized)
    HT-PAT6×9 6m 3m 2.3m / 4.95m 6×12=72m² 7.26×13.26=96m² 6×15=90m²(Customized)

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