Stretch Tent

The size of Moxuanju's Stretch Tent is 5.5mx7m. Compared to the size limitations of a small canopy tent.

  1. General Details

    In recent years, outdoor camping and luxury glamping tents have become popular. There are more and more distinctive camping camps, so how to create a more differentiated camp? Most of the camps are built in empty places. In addition to the unique luxury glamping tents, the problem of shading in the outdoor activity area also needs to be solved.

    The size of Moxuanju’s Stretch Tent is 5.5mx7m. Compared to the size limitations of a small canopy tent, the Stretch Tent has more interior space. You can use it as a rest area, a barbecue area, a dining area, a cooking area and other different functions, and the scope of application is very wide. String lights can also be fixed up in the tent, which not only enhances the lighting at night, but also makes it more beautiful and provide great atmosphere. In order to achieve better outdoor use effect, the material for Stretch Tent’s cover uses double-sided PU-coated elastic fabric, which has a significant effect on heat insulation and waterproofing. The Stretch Tent can even change its form, its skirt can be put down and be used as windbreak, which could prevent the rain from tilting on a rainy day.

    In addition to the sandy yellow color, Stretch Tent also has orange, beige, black, platinum, blue, and red colors, which can be selected according to the camp’s style or preferences to create unique camp landscapes.

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    Large Stretch Tent

    The large stretch tent can be freely formed into various shapes by means of struts, which can be fully open or semi-open.

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