Crystal Dome House

We provide two designs of round shape and round waist shape. Crystal dome house is various specifications and sizes from 2m to 6m.

  1. General Details

    Specification of crystal dome house:

    Product Model: HT-TC
    Size: Φ2m, Φ3.5m, Φ4.5m, Φ5m, 3.5x5m, 4.5x6m
    Frame Material: aluminum alloy, 120x120mm
    Main Material: German PC board, 5mm in thickness
    Frame Color: dark gray, light gray, wood grain colors are available
    Light Source: LED main light source and auxiliary LED light source

    Product Features:

    • Waterproof, flame retardant, high-temperature resistant, anti-UV, etc.
    • LOGO and customized advertising are available
    • Can be disassembled and assembled many times, no pole inside, spacious
    • Modular structural design, installation can be completed by 3 people in 2-3 hours
    • Low installation cost, short construction period, and putting into operation in a short time
    • Low budget of investment, eco-friendly and recyclable, flexible for style and location

    MORE TENT recently launched a new product, crystal dome house, its main material is made of the 5MM German PC board, and aluminum alloy is used for its frame. We provide two designs of round shape and round waist shape. There are various specifications and sizes from 2m to 6m. The products can be connected with each other with high flexibility. This crystal dome house can be used for various applications, ensuring professionalism and efficiency from product design to factory manufacturing and installation.

    The crystal dome house is made of excellent materials and uses a transparent PC board to ensure beauty and peaceful coexistence with nature. The indoor sunshade curtain creates a unique atmosphere and space for exclusive privacy and romance. When the birds sing in the early morning, you can open the curtains, sit on the sofa, bathe in the morning sun, and feel the beauty of nature in the 360° scenery. At this moment, it seems that everything around is slowing down and you will feel a whole different wonderful experience.

    Tent Series Size Ceiling Height Floor Area Petal Package Size Weight:
    HT-TC-3.5 Diameter 3.5m 2.6m 9.6m² 8 pcs 280x150x120cm, (2pcs)
    300x110x30cm, (1pcs)
    150x150x30cm, (1pcs)
    350kglset(Not lncluding GroundBeam for Flooring)
    HT-TC-3.5×5 3.5m x 5m 2.6m 15m² 10 pcs 300x150x120cm, (2pcs)
    400x80x30cm, (1pcs)
    300x150x30cm, (1pcs)
    580kg/set (Not lncluding GroundBeam for Flooring)
    HT-TC-4.5 Diameter 4.5m 2.75m 16m² 10 pcs 300×150×120cm, (2pcs)
    400x125x30cm, (1pcs)
    180x180x30cm, (1pcs)
    470kglset (Not Including GroundBeam for Flooring)
    HT-TC-4.5×6 4.5m x 6m 2.75m 23m² 12 pcs 300x150x120cm, (2pcs)
    400×120×30cm, (1pcs)
    340×180x30cm, (1pcs)
    680kg/set (Not lncluding GroundBeam for Flooring)

    Crystal Dome House Solutions

    Outdoor and Garden Dining Pods

    The transparent material of the Garden Dining Pods will not produce a sense of crowding visually. It gives you a very special experience.

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