Lodge Tent

The nomadic tent is inspired by the nomadic people. The tent is equipped with a layer of thermal insulation inside, which can effectively resist the cold and hot. The design of the double-layer canopy not only shades, but also resists severe weather. The screen windows all around can effectively keep the room ventilated, good lighting effect, and also prevent mosquitoes. The terrace is designed to be able to sit outside to feel the breeze, even in rainy days to enjoy your special time.

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    Lodge Style Tents

    In recent years, “outdoor luxury travel” has become a new concept of modern tourism. Thus the lodge tent, which is now popular all over the world, has broken the poor living conditions of the outdoors and created a luxurious, comfortable, and tranquil place of exquisite life.

    Outdoor luxurious lodge tent is a large tent with exoticism with a unique design style. Perfectly integrating with the surrounding environment, creating a different scenery. You’ll never forget it once you’ve seen it. The outdoor lodge tent adopts an aluminum alloy frame, adaptable to various weather conditions outdoors.

    “Wild” outdoors while luxury in the interior of our tent. Whether it is the design of a glass wall or PVC cover. We can arrange a European style big double bed, air conditioning, and high-grade wooden floor in the lodge tent. Customers can live in the city and nature at the same time. In addition to accommodation, it can also be used in outdoor restaurants, entertainment areas, service centers, and places for leisure activities. Its extensive adaptability will improve the supporting facilities of the scenic area.

    At present, MORE TENT can also customize various luxury glamping tents for clients, according to customer requirements and site environment, providing various plans for customers for choice.

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