Glamping Tent in Silicon Valley of California

Project Location: Silicon Valley, California, USA

Application: Stars Dome Glamping Tent

Silicon Valley, California, is a world talent highland where travelers must go to visit. Many people go to Silicon Valley, not only to feel the atmosphere of the world’s top technology companies, but also to enjoy the warm sunshine and beaches of California. It is also a good place where many local people for relax, travel and camp during the holidays. In order to break the rules, the customers of the Glamping Tent project in the United States proposed a new concept and decided to introduce the now-popular Moxuanju brand of Glamping Tent, following the principles of natural ecology, and taking advantage of the original ecological landscape. Use the Stars Dome Glamping Tent to create the Glamping Tent in Silicon Valley of California, with an internal thermal insulation layer and a special large window viewing window to expand the line of sight for a sweeping view. The camping hotel tents made by Moxuanju always adhere to a concept, in order to provide people with more comfortable living space and create a more intimate living space.


The Glamping Tent in Silicon Valley of California case is currently operating well, maintaining a high customer occupancy rate, and has been named one of the high-end hotels of the year and the Glamping Tent in the United States by the American Life and Travel magazine. In addition to the Stars Dome Glamping Tent, the Glamping Tent series has more shapes and sizes for your reference. If you have the same needs, please contact us. Moxuanju National Free Hotline: 400 039 0086

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