8m Diameter Eco Living Dome

This is the 8m Diameter Eco Living Dome provided by Moxuanju for one of our clients. The dome is located in the field far away from the crowd. Setting up on the platform built with rough stones, geodesic dome kits can be integrated into the surroundings. The front of geodesic dome kits is equipped with translucent fabric material, giving you an extremely wide view. The floor-to-ceiling windows of this design are the easiest way to let you enjoy the beauty of nature. Sitting on the floor and looking at the endless scenery out of the window quietly when you are staying at home will give you a feeling that the whole wilderness belongs to you.

The 8m diameter Eco Living Dome has an internal ceiling of 4.68m, which exceeds the height of a regular hotel room. The designer knows how to plan the space well and emphasizes the concept of practicality and coexistence. To make full use of the advantages of the dome space, it’s effectively designed to be an industrial-style homestay with a loft structure. The upper floor is used for accommodation, and there is an open kitchen, bathroom, living room on the lower floor. Being able to customize the shape, structure, and size is also the unique advantage of geodesic dome kits.

If you ever dream of taking a good hot bath and eating a warm homemade meal in the wild, Moxuanju’s Eco Living Dome definitely can make it come true. The fully equipped open kitchenette can realize the wish of a lazy brunch picnic on weekends at any time. The bathroom system with separation of dry and wet, 24-hour supplied hot water, and the independent shower room can let you take a warm bath before going to bed. Eco Living Dome provides you a comfortable and secure living place.

District lighting is implemented in the house to ensure sufficient lighting in any area. The designer also planned a leisure area where there are some interesting facilities, such as swings, board games, L-shaped sofas. Living in an Eco Living Dome in the wild is as if moving your residence into the landscape. Would you like to have such a glamping experience?

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Ladybug Dome Glamping

The ladybug has colorful colors and childlike shapes, Considering there are many families travel with children and the parent-child room is needed, From the appearance and color matching to the internal layout, we have carried out comprehensive planning. It is an popular outdoor glamping tent by family camping.

Luxury Glamping Dome

Living in the geodesic dome camping, we live a minimalist lifestyle and get closer to nature. It makes the visitors experience comfort.

Panorama Dome Tent

The wooden structure panorama dome tent is a luxury Glamping Tent, compared with the aluminum frame structure.