Large Glamping Tents for 4 Season

Shell Shape Glamping Tent is one of the 4-season glamping products to develop in the light of a luxury glamping tent. Before it became the star product, its special design has to make it very popular and set up for outdoor glamping use globally.

As a kind of modular construction, the sizes for large glamping tents are optional. Base on the demands from clients, 3 types of sizes are mini type, standard type, and luxury type. Different sizes have different features. But no matter for which sizes, you could accord your need and favorite to make some customized designs. Even for the same size, the room also can be decorated in different designs and we can also provide a bunch of decoration schemes for you to reference.

Large glamping tents are suitable to set up in different places such as forests, beaches, and mountains. Comparing with a traditional camping tent, It can much well combine with the natural scenery and become a part of the scenery. High-quality interior decoration can better promote the living experience and give travelers a comfortable residence experience which is just like the resort.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Ladybug Dome Glamping

The ladybug has colorful colors and childlike shapes, Considering there are many families travel with children and the parent-child room is needed, From the appearance and color matching to the internal layout, we have carried out comprehensive planning. It is an popular outdoor glamping tent by family camping.

Crossover Dome Tent

The Crossover Dome Tent is supported by four corners, with a cross-arch shape. The smooth dome design makes it look like a tiptoe dancer.

Oval Dome Glamping Tent

Compared with geodesic dome tent, this oval shape is more personalized. The shape from the long side looks like a goose egg. The overall longitudinal space becomes longer and more comfortable. You can make full use of space and arrange furniture reasonably.