Camouflage Glamping Tent

Currently, more and more tourists wanna keep away from the noise of the city, enjoying the peace of nature, appreciate the different life. While camouflage glamping tent can help you experience the most unique luxury camping.

MOXUANJU designed multiple camouflage glamping tents for Hotel Resort. Glamping Dome with 6M in diameter for 27, Shell Glamping Tents for 10 and Safari Tents for 5.

MOXUANJU can provide the outdoor glamping tent design with the one-stop solutions of installation and full equipment. The Hotel Resort has a large area and beautiful scenery. According to the camping site plan and needs of clients, MOXUANJU customized 42 Camouflage glamping tents for this camping site with different shape and style. With superior quality main frame material and special colorful PVC fabric, the tourists can be more closer to nature and integrate into nature. The tents have different style equipment, the lighting system, Sofa, bedroom, AC, green potted, independent bathroom and so on.

When you stay in such extraordinary camouflage glamping tent, not only you could overlook the beauty at a distance, but also look at the stars.

Here, you can put aside the stress from work and relax, what s wonderful experience it would be!

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