Forest Resort Glamping Dome

Campsite Dome Room in Forest Resort. It is a 20m diameter hotel tent with 314 ㎡ area. Clients can do interior design by themselves with 100% space. There is a platform with a steel structure under it. You have no need to worry about the uneven ground.

Good break away from the traffic and annoyance in the city and exploring sumptuous travel to experience nature.

Project: Several 20m diameter Campsite Dome Room hotel tents

Outwardly we can see half-transparent PVC fabric covers for the hotel tent, the material is fire-retardant, water-proof, and can withstand high wind speed. The roof has two ventilation windows and with an insulated cotton cover on it to make sure the comfortable living conditions.

Inside of campsite dome room in a forest tent resort, we can see the luxurious and exquisite overall arrangement. Personalized decorations such as a wood floor, comfortable bed, tables, chairs, and lights, you can choose any style for your hotel tent. In addition, we can offer a partition for the room into different space for shower. Surely you will not feel narrow. This is a luxurious campsite dome room hotel tent with complete supporting facilities.

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