Cocoon Tent for Luxury Camping

What kind of experience of camping outdoors? What do you think if I say that we move the entire luxury hotel to the mountains and dense forests?
The beautiful shape of the Moxuanju Cocoon Tent gets everyone’s favor at first glance. The whole tent is designed like a long cocoon, which adds a bit of beauty to it. It comes in three different sizes: standard, mini, and luxury. They can meet different requirements for space and function. Of course, the reason for conquering the various camps is not only because of the shape but also because of its exquisite handling of various details.

There is a large platform at the entrance which can be used as a fairly wide activity area. With tables and chairs, you can enjoy coffee there.
In the middle of the tent, there are two semi-circular large PVC windows, which allow people inside the tent to gain freedom and extension of sight and can enjoy all kinds of beautiful scenery without hindrance. Sitting in front of the windows is like being there. No matter what the weather and temperature are outside, you can feel the charm of nature in a comfortable environment.

In addition to the living environment in the outdoors, people are more concerned about the issue of washing. The shell tent comes with an independent bathroom system, and the rear space is separated and used as a bathroom. There is no need to build an additional bathroom, and it is more convenient. If you also plan to build such a camp, please feel free to contact our sales consultants for more details.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
4m Shell Shape Glamping Tent

The shell shape glamping tent combines the elegant form of architecture and bionics, which is the best choice among various outdoor campsites. With an open platform to meet the needs of viewing from different angles, the sharp shell angle can provide shed from the rain and sunshine. The spacious platform attracts children and able to turned into a playground. There are mini, standard and luxury three types for choose.

5m Shell Shape Glamping Tent

Woods, seaside, sunset,
what a perfect place for camping.
Away from disturbance,
it is romantic even picturing it.
Slowly approaching,
to pick up a shell left by the sea.
Bath water is ready,
so are the rest of your holiday to enjoy.