Commercial Teepee Tent

The Large teepee tent is a very adaptable camp wild luxury tent with its unique shape and characteristic design style. As a commercial-use teepee tent, our team put significant effort into the design of the fabric. We used the painting design throughout the fabric, adjusting the colors to add interest while highlighting the theme.

The walls are designed with a block-out fabric painting design, featuring a personalized pattern that can be painted as needed to achieve a more personalized design. Additionally, you can choose from transparent PVC fabric, transparent acrylic, or glass wall design to create a different visual experience.

The teepee tent duplex design creates two interconnected but independent spaces, which better realizes space planning and layout, and makes people feel more spacious and comfortable. teepee tent’s flexibility allows for free wiring layout and installation of suitable lighting systems according to needs. The soft light reflects off the yellowish fabric, filling the entire space with a warm glow.

The innovation of the teepee tent is highly praised. Moxuanju has been committed to developing luxury camping tents with more uniqueness, practicality, shaping, and safety, providing differentiated solutions for campsites.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Huge Tipi Tent for Event

Huge tipi tent is suitable for various of outdoor events, such as big outdoor parties, wedding receptions for rental or sale.

Tipi Glamping Tent

Tipi Glamping Tent elaborately selects the log wall and wooden structure, so that the shape of the entire tent resembles the skirt.

Mini Tipi Tent for Camping

The Indian style Mini Tipi Tent consists of six solid wood as the main support. The shape adopts a pyramid structures design.