Desert Glamping Tent

Luxury Desert Glamping Resort

It is a hardship to create luxurious resorts in such a desert. However, our desert glamping tent is suitable for the desert place. The prefabricated design means all structure sections are prefabricated in the factory before we deliver to the sites for fast installation without big machines. In the meanwhile, it is suitable for different kinds of the site without any special restrictions. Desert glamping tents can use many different colours of covers which will make the desert colourful.

We have plenty of glamping tent series for your option. You can choose a high peak design but also a popular glamping dome type. All tents are waterproof and windproof perfectly. Multilayer covers of tents will be useful for sand blown by the wind and inner temperature. Beautiful curve with desert colour which blends into the surrounding environment and landscape. The desert glamping tents can be used as living, dinner or reception etc.

MOXUANJU has a professional technology team. We will offer perfect solutions for decoration, ventilation, insulation, internal planning etc in the desert glamping tent.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Luxury Pop Up Room

Luxury Pop Up Room is a new design based on the original modular box glmaping tent.You can enjoy the beautiful scenery together at night.

5m Shell Shape Glamping Tent

Woods, seaside, sunset,
what a perfect place for camping.
Away from disturbance,
it is romantic even picturing it.
Slowly approaching,
to pick up a shell left by the sea.
Bath water is ready,
so are the rest of your holiday to enjoy.

Crystal Dome House

We provide two designs of round shape and round waist shape. Crystal dome house is various specifications and sizes from 2m to 6m.