Tipi tents originate from the traditional culture of Indians. After thousands of years of development, tipi tents from Moxuanju retain the original spirit and style, while incorporating modern technology and materials. We use natural fir as the main pole, which has been carefully polished and treated to form a stable and beautiful tapered structure. The cover is a high-density waterproof and breathable canvas for comfort and durability. This is a collision and combination of history and modern culture, as well as a perfect fusion of nature and man-made.

The Moxuanju tipi tent has a unique tapered design, and the double tipi can be spliced and combined to adapt to various occasions and needs. TP72/100/40 and other types of double tipi can be freely mixed and matched. According to different uses, it is equipped with curtains and wooden pole connection or middle connection of wooden poles. Tipi tents can provide a protective area in an open area outdoors against exposure to the sun and bad weather. As a more stable shape in the world, triangles design is more creative and aesthetic.

Tipi tent is derived from the traditional culture of Indians, and it shows unique charm in nature, with both atmosphere and history, wild and exquisite. If you want to create a special event outdoors, Moxuanju TIPI Tent can provide you with the right idea. The use of two combined double tipi can break through the limitations of area or locations. It provides a protected area in the open outdoors against the sun and harsh weather. As the most stable shape, the triangle is also more creative and aesthetic. Whether it is a wedding party or a business event, double tipi can meet your needs.

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Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Huge Tipi Tent for Event

Huge tipi tent is suitable for various of outdoor events, such as big outdoor parties, wedding receptions for rental or sale.

Bamboo Tipi Tent

Primitive conic fir pole, Fine texture, Tough and light-weight, Natural cone, More in line with pyramid structure, High density waterproof and breathable canvas, Waterproof and sunscreen, Flame retardancy, Long service life, Weather aging resistance

Mini Tipi Tent for Camping

The Indian style Mini Tipi Tent consists of six solid wood as the main support. The shape adopts a pyramid structures design.