Geodesic Dome Glamping In The Winter

Winter Glamping Experiences and ideas

The above pictures are the photos of the glamping resort in winter built by us. Located in the snow mountains, geodesic dome glamping tents give people the charm of winter. As the most popular outdoor camping method, how can we ensure the normal use of tents in low temperature or special climate? Today, let’s talk about glamping tent experiences and ideas in winter.

The outer layer of the geodesic dome is cold-proof, heat-insulating, and sound-proof. Since the inside of the tent is complete without a center column, we usually install partition walls to divide the space according to the actual use. The partition wall effectively divides the space into different spaces such as the bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Heating equipment can be added to the bedroom and living room area.

In order to use it in winter, we will install a layer of Shumei silk white quilted spray glue space cotton decorative insulation layer inside the tent. The tent with insulation cotton is like a quilt. In addition to playing a decorative role, this kind of thermal insulation material can also bring thermal insulation effect to space. The thermal insulation cotton can keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

In snowing areas with very low temperatures, you also need to equip the interior with heating facilities, such as air conditioners, fireplaces, heaters, and electric blankets, etc., which can quickly heat up space. With these, the indoor temperature can be greatly increased, allowing campers to feel warm when entering the tent hotel.

In short, we attach great importance to the comfort of the geodesic dome. We provide a variety of cold-proof and warm-keeping methods to enhance the accommodation experience and make living in the wild in winter more comfortable. If you have more questions about Winter Glamping, you can contact us for more help.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Transparent Dome House

Transparent Dome House is made of polycarbonate material and aeronautical aluminum, It has a bedroom and bathroom.

Starry Glamping Igloo Dome Tent

Nowadays, Starry Geodesic Dome Tent has become the“internet celebrity hotel” exist in all the camps of major scenic spots.

Luxury Pop Up Room

Luxury Pop Up Room is a new design based on the original modular box glmaping tent.You can enjoy the beautiful scenery together at night.