Giant Tipi Tent for sale

Giant Hat Tipi Tent

In the giant tipi tent series, tipi-40 is definitely designed for outdoor parties. Wooden beer tables, campfire stoves, bars, and beer barrels can be configured to create a party atmosphere. It can be used for dinners, parties, or as an outdoor bar.

The giant tipi tents are derived from Indian conical tents and are made of canvas and round wooden poles. Each tent has a high degree of freedom, and the eaves can be freely opened and closed. In spring and summer, you can choose to open all the eaves to feel the warmth of spring. In autumn and winter, you can drop the eaves and enjoy the warmth of a room.

Every summer is the peak of camping. We drink beer, eat barbecue, listen to music in this party. Only one tipi tent is needed, and its light is enough to light up the surroundings.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Tipi Glamping Tent

Tipi Glamping Tent elaborately selects the log wall and wooden structure, so that the shape of the entire tent resembles the skirt.

Bamboo Tipi Tent

Primitive conic fir pole, Fine texture, Tough and light-weight, Natural cone, More in line with pyramid structure, High density waterproof and breathable canvas, Waterproof and sunscreen, Flame retardancy, Long service life, Weather aging resistance

Large Teepee Glamping Tent

The teepee glamping tent has a wide range of applications, and the advantages of floor height are very significant.