Glamping Dome Suite For Sale

Hotel is very significant part for every trip. All the travelers wish to have comfortable experiences same as at home, even though in the hotel.

Glamping Dome Suite allows us to enjoy the comfort and the close contact with nature, to create an eco-low carbon and fashionable outdoor tent hotel, bringing guests a new hotel experience.

The site is surrounded by lush glass lands and mountains with fresh air. Glamping Dome tent is harmonious with the site, to constitute special camp charm. The front of glamping Dome suite is semi-curve transparent design that reveals the overall beauty and creates a perfect experience in nature. Looking around, the lush plants, blue sky and white clouds, which make people comfortable and relaxed.

In such a chic environment, siting in the glamping Dome tent with morning sunrise, we can do yoga and adjust our mood and take a breath of nature.

At dusk, siting on sofa of Glamping Dome Suite, guests sock a cup of tea, enjoy scenery, understand on life and feel the joy of back to nature.

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