Glamping Tent on Stilts

As glamping tents become more and more popular, people are eager to perfectly combine comfortable accommodation with charming scenery to deeply experience the mysteries of nature and pursue excellent landscape enjoyment. However, for many camp operators, setting up tents on complex hillsides has become a problem.

Moxuanju Architecture Technology, with its rich experience in building glampig tents, provides one-stop solutions for all kinds of camping sites. Especially for glamping tents on stilts on cliffs or hillsides.

Site selection and assessment

When building a glamping tent on special terrain, it is necessary to ensure that there are no loose rocks or other unstable factors. We use professional tools to conduct geological surveys to ensure that it can withstand the weight of the tent and potential natural forces. Moxuanju has the expertise and experience to provide you with a full range of services.

Building a platform

Before building a glamping tent on a cliff or hillside, you first need to build a stable platform. Usually reinforced concrete, aluminum alloy or steel and other materials are good options. For steep terrain, we use large machines such as excavators to adjust the landing position of the platform. The establishment of the platform can ensure the stability and safety of the tent. Moxuanju has rich experience in building on special terrain and can provide you with effective solutions.

Tent installation

Tent frame: Due to the particularity of the cliff terrain, we use aluminum alloy or high-strength steel pipe as the frame of the tent, and adopt special fixing technology or equipment to ensure that the tent frame is tightly combined with the platform to enhance the stability of the tent.

Covering with fabric

After the tent frame is fixed, we choose PVC fabric with windproof, rainproof and flame-retardant properties to cover the tent. Make sure the cover is tightly combined with the tent frame to ensure overall durability and stability.

Professional service

Setting up glamping tents on special terrains such as cliffs is a challenging task. We have nearly 30 years of experience in setting up camp tents, providing one-stop planning and construction support for various camps, ensuring that the tents are stable and safe, and creating a unique and special mountain camping experience.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Luxury Glamping Dome

Living in the geodesic dome camping, we live a minimalist lifestyle and get closer to nature. It makes the visitors experience comfort.

Crossover Dome Tent

The Crossover Dome Tent is supported by four corners, with a cross-arch shape. The smooth dome design makes it look like a tiptoe dancer.

Hawaii Glamping Tent

The roof top of the Hawaii glamping tent has a double layer design. The cotton decorative insulation layer provides good resistance to outdoor high and low temperatures. The arc shape roof can effectively resist the rain. The screen window at the entrance adopts the self-priming curtain design, with screen windows on both sides. You can be in the nature on the viewing platform.