Glamping Tent on the Mountain Top Resort

When more and more resorts appeared, the competition in the glamping market gradually increased, and everyone began to consider how to make characteristics for the resort and create a differentiated resort. In order to provide more ideas and choices, MORE TENT has nearly 30 different styles of luxury glamping tents, which are specially designed for characteristic resorts.

“Close to nature” has always been the brand concept of MORE TENT. Building a glamping tent resort on the mountain, with the help of the natural scenery, complements the tent. It is one of the best locations for outdoor camping. However, considering that the natural environment always has various road conditions, such as mud, gravel, wetland, etc., many people often miss a wonderful resort site. In response to such problems, using our glamping tent technical platform design can keep the tent stable and safe in any ground environment.

4 popular glamping tents on the mountain top resort

The Glamping dome tent has a super-large view window design, deep in nature, you can observe the beauty of nature more carefully, and you can feel the subtle feeling of being in the scenery at a close distance. The design of the dome hides in the dense branches and leaves without attacking power, but it looks more supple and harmonious.

Both the lodge tents and the Hawaii tents are designed with a double-layer roof. Even in a dense forest, the slight sound of fallen leaves and the slap of rain will not disturb the indoor environment. The more excellent inner insulation cotton design has excellent With the function of keeping a warm and constant temperature, you can enjoy the matutinal birdsong in the mountains, but you don’t have to feel the invasion of cold air. The self-contained platform design makes its installation site unrestricted, whether it is a slope or a bad ground condition, it can be solved very well. The design of the surrounding mesh windows avoids the infestation of mosquitoes in the mountains and makes you more comfortable Enjoy the outdoor time more safely.

The shell tent has always been a popular player in glamping. Its unique shape blows your mind. The aluminum alloy glass door system gives people a more reliable sense of security visually. Compared with tents, it is more like Pandora’s box that will let people curious and the curious can’t help but make you want to go in and find out. The double-sided PVC transparent window design allows you to enjoy natural beauty.

Each tent of MORE TENT has different characteristics, especially in the mountains and forests, it can better reflect its advantages, no need to worry about climate change, and no fear of the geographical environment, MORE TENT wild luxury hotel tents, are designed for outdoor glamping design.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Multi Peak Glamping Safari Tent

The design concept of "close to nature" and "integrating into nature", Standardized design, onsite assemble. It has sofa, independent bathroom, private bathtub, outdoor viewing platform, and chic decoration.

Two Story Glamping Box

The Two-Story Glamping Box evolved from the capsule cabin inherits the structural mode of modular and rapid disassembly.

4m Shell Shape Glamping Tent

The shell shape glamping tent combines the elegant form of architecture and bionics, which is the best choice among various outdoor campsites. With an open platform to meet the needs of viewing from different angles, the sharp shell angle can provide shed from the rain and sunshine. The spacious platform attracts children and able to turned into a playground. There are mini, standard and luxury three types for choose.