Glamping Tent with Bathroom

With the development and popularity of luxury camping, more and more glamping tents take the place of traditional camping tents. Not only because its shape is more beautiful and interesting, but the glamping tent is also different from traditional buildings, it can be disassembled at any time, and cost effective. This modular assembly reduces pollution to the environment.

The above photos are from our Moxuanju glamping tent project. It only took us 7 days to build the main structure. This glamping tents project has shell shape glamping tents for two people and multiple people, which could fulfill different requirements.

Glamping Tent Platform

From the outside, the orderly shell shape glamping tents bring some interest to the camp. To prevent the rainwater from affecting the customer’s stay experience, each shell shape glamping tent will be installed with a 0.5m height wooden platform system, which is away from the ground. Even if the heavy rain does not affect the use of the tent.

In order to make it more convenient for customers, the camp especially uses awnings to build a corridor. The ground is connected with the tent platform, which is not only convenient but also can block the sun and rain. It can be said that three birds with one stone.

2 Room Tent Glamping

The tent for two people adapts to the 4×8.7m shell shape glamping tent. It seems the space is limited, but the inside area could be used reasonably. The beautiful wood color flooring reduces the unreal feeling and gives a solid sense of stability.

Shell shape glamping’s 2.85m top height could make people on bunk beds feel comfortable, and a simple clothes hanger is convenient for people to take and place their clothes, the desk at the side is a small recreational area, you can eat snacks or read there.

Glamping Tent with Shower and Toilet

Each shell shape glamping tent has an independent bathroom system. Moxuanju did not arbitrarily deal with the bathroom area because of the limited space. In addition to the basic toilet, the cabinet type washbasin provides the space for placing the toiletries. The shower room has dry and wet separation. The tiled ground is waterproof and has non-slip treatment. The solar water heaters allow guests to take a comfortable hot bath.

The tent for muti-person adapts the 4×11.7m shell shape glamping tent, it can accommodate as many as eight people. The middle corridor provides enough space for movement, which will not make people feel crowded. The sliding window is installed on the side of shell shape glamping tent, and the size of the window could be adjusted according to your need, to maintain the ventilation.

Glamping Tent with Air Conditioning

What’s more, you don’t need to worry about the hot weather problems in the summer, every Moxuanju glamping tent has air conditioning system to adjust the temperature. To achieve the best thermal performance, the tent will be installed with white insulation cotton, it can effectively resist the cold air outside, to maintain the temperature inside.

The electronic equipment like lamps, air purifiers, water dispensers, televisions could be installed freely in our Moxuanju glamping tent, meeting all the necessary conditions of hotels, to let guests have a comfortable stay experience in four seasons.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Modular Glamping Box

Fashion capsule is an upgraded version of the glamping box, it continues the modular structure design of rapidly installation and disassemble.

Ladybug Dome Glamping

The ladybug has colorful colors and childlike shapes, Considering there are many families travel with children and the parent-child room is needed, From the appearance and color matching to the internal layout, we have carried out comprehensive planning. It is an popular outdoor glamping tent by family camping.

Crystal Dome House

We provide two designs of round shape and round waist shape. Crystal dome house is various specifications and sizes from 2m to 6m.