Large Teepee Style Tent

Breaking the tradition, we create a high-end sense of luxury camping tents, from details to texture, everything depends on the design of the tent. The eaves of the large teepee style tent are designed with a tensioned membrane, which not only prevents drifting rain, but also brings out the exquisiteness, which not only provides viewing but also shades the sun, maintaining indoor comfort, which is considerate and simple. The frame of the tent is designed with aluminum alloy imitating wood grain, and the indifferent steel has faded away. The overall brown tone creates a calm and elegant atmosphere, which makes the texture more prominent in the low-key.

Our unique design concept brings a novel visual experience, and the tense design also enhances the three-dimensional sense of the space, making it more clean and tidy, and improving the overall comfort. Large-area PVC windows are used around the tent to directly perceive the change of day and night and the cycle of four seasons. The changing natural light and shadow are also a special beauty. The curtain design effectively blocks sunlight and softens the light, in order to create a privacy space. Large teepee style tent can create a strong and large space, and the tent has a unique style. It is an ideal choice for outdoor restaurants, shops, bars, wedding party venues, etc.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Huge Tipi Tent for Event

Huge tipi tent is suitable for various of outdoor events, such as big outdoor parties, wedding receptions for rental or sale.

Bamboo Tipi Tent

Primitive conic fir pole, Fine texture, Tough and light-weight, Natural cone, More in line with pyramid structure, High density waterproof and breathable canvas, Waterproof and sunscreen, Flame retardancy, Long service life, Weather aging resistance

Tipi Glamping Tent

Tipi Glamping Tent elaborately selects the log wall and wooden structure, so that the shape of the entire tent resembles the skirt.