Lodge Cabin Tent for Glamping

Among the number of models of glamping tents, Lodge cabin tents for glamping offers better security and comfort, fulfills the dream of moving your home outdoors. When people are glamping, they are actually looking for a more free and relaxed state.

Lodge cabin tent for glamping, It is a safer, more private and more comfortable glamping tent designed for outdoor campsites. It requires neither large packages of glamping equipment, nor laborious& time consuming construction and layout, It is more in line with the existence of modern lifestyle.

The tent is a luxury glamping experience, complete with mosquito proof, ventilation, lighting, water and electricity. It built an independent bathroom with a complete bathroom system, so you don’t have to worry about washing even if it’s outdoors. Just enjoy your time of glamping outdoors without worrying about it.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Luxury Safari Tents

Pinnacle curved modular structure design, aluminum alloy and PVC fabricated structure, which can be matched with more than 7 different colors of double-coated polyester PVC fabric to distinguish to the traditional tent shape. Provide luxury, comfortable and quiet outdoor travel experience to scenic spots and campsites. You may sit on the balcony to drink tea, chat and enjoy the scenery, embrace the beautiful scenery around you.

Star Tent

The design of Star Tent breaks through the traditional concept of tent. Innovative changes the shape to make the tent full of artistic and aesthetic.

Oval Dome Glamping Tent

Compared with geodesic dome tent, this oval shape is more personalized. The shape from the long side looks like a goose egg. The overall longitudinal space becomes longer and more comfortable. You can make full use of space and arrange furniture reasonably.