Luxury Cocoon Glamping Tent House

Outdoor glamping originates from the advanced tourism trends in Europe and North America. The products cover resorts, rural travel, luxury camps, etc., attracting a large number of consumers with fashionable and novel appearances.

For the design of tents and their availability, Liri has developed a number of glamping tent products in response to the demands of consumers and the purpose of improving customer experience.

The glamping tents launched by Liri can be built in forests, beaches, lakes, river banks, deserts, and even cliffs. The sense of immersion makes people live in harmony with nature.

The design of each glamping tent will combine cultural characteristics and ethnic customs. During the construction, we tried not to destroy the original ecological environment, as much as possible to approach and integrate into nature, so that modern products can reach a reconciliation with the surrounding environment, and create a glamping tent with local characteristics.

Of course, while you appreciate the beauty of nature, glamping tents can also allow you to enjoy five-star experience pleasures. Each hotel-style tent is very elegant in terms of spatial structure and interior decoration, which improves the safety of the tent. At the same time, internal comfort is not neglected, not only to meet the quality of sleep, but also to create an independent bathroom system, complete with water and electricity, and electrical appliances can be installed to truly enjoy the feeling of a mobile hotel.

Moxuanju has been committed to promoting outdoor glamping, allowing travelers to explore and experience the natural features of other regions and countries in the most comfortable and safe conditions while satisfying their spiritual “luxury”. It also satisfies material “luxury”.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
Geodesic Dome Hotel

In addition to being used in a single geodesic dome hotel, it can also be used in multiple tents to form a series of villas.

Oval Dome Glamping Tent

Compared with geodesic dome tent, this oval shape is more personalized. The shape from the long side looks like a goose egg. The overall longitudinal space becomes longer and more comfortable. You can make full use of space and arrange furniture reasonably.

Luxury Geodesic Glamping Dome

Meet the stars and the Milky way in the dark Lying in bed watching the stars It's not a five-star hotel that is excited But there are millions stars you can see when you look in the sky This might be probably the best interpretation of the dome glamping tent.