Luxury Glamping Tent Resort

Recently, Moxuanju built the luxury glamping tent resort for this small island, from a desert island to a paradise, combining private yachts, theaters on the sea, stargazing, barbecues, camping… everything needed is ready, and it is still constantly enriched and improved.

The weather is not too hot, developing a small island is the coincidental idea of several young people, they yearn for a happy and beautiful life, like fresh and interesting things and are keen to share. With the extreme love to the sea island, they start the journey of island exploiting indefinitely.

Because it is a desert island originally, there are no land routes, lack of supplies, all construction materials, tools, and personnel need to be shipped by vessels, which brings great difficulties to the island exploiting. Most of the construction equipment cannot be reached there directly, some mechanical operations can only be done by manpower as much as possible, the foundations and ditches are excavated by shovels, all the materials are transported to the island by a small boat bit by bit, so are those materials used for the hotel constructions.

The three sets of Eco Resort Tents we built for this island, are assembled mobile structures. The main structure is composed of aluminum alloy, steel structure, and PVC fabrics. All components are aluminum alloy frames with uniform size and specification, processing precisely by CNC machines in the factory, and transporting to the site via logistics, the advantage of this type of assembled structures is that it does not require complicated treatment of the foundation, which also brings some convenience to the construction. It can be assembled quickly by manpower, it only took less than a week to set up these three Eco Resorts Tents and get ready for use.

Luxury glamping tent resort is an idea at the preliminary stage of the island exploiting plan, the reason why they want to integrate the elements of the glamping tent into this island, is because they want to let the visitors have the ultimate experience of bag check, no need to worry about not being able to live well. When they first saw the design of the Shell Shape Glamping Tent, they felt it’s a perfect match to the island environment. Each shell has a large leisure balcony design, there are stargazing telescopes and reclining chairs on the balcony, parasols and rattan chairs in front of the door, and barbecue grill. It is the most desirable “slow” life when you come back from the sea, take a rest and barbecue.

The door-window integrated design of glamping tent resort has a sense of design, and it’s good for indoor ventilation; whether it is a person staying alone or two people confide to each other, coffee and champagne will always be ready for you; there are many mosquitoes on the island, mosquito screens are essential; weather changes unpredictably, an umbrella will be the most intimate demand of tourists. In the dead of night, close the curtains, this island will be the world for your own; and in the morning, open the curtains, you will see the endless sea.

In fact, not only the uniqueness of the structure appearance but also the internal minimalist soft furnishings, including those details that are carefully designed, you can strongly feel the care for customers. This is also the original intention and concept of exploiting this island. The lush green plants, each one is watered personally. When the sea breeze blows, the glamping tent resort in the woods is looming, the vast ocean, the blue sky, and the sun sets, it’s just peace as the movie scene, gentle, quiet, romantic… In the future, the trees are shaded and the flowers are blooming, you can enjoy the joy of picking special fruits and vegetable, and experiencing yachting and sailing.

In this summer, let’s see the bluest sea, live in the best resort, and have the most interesting camping experience. Right here, during your trip, there are wine, meat, friends, barbecue and stories…

The glamping tent resort is provided by Moxuanju Glamping Tent. If you also have camps and scenic spots project, welcome to contact us, Moxuanju will provide you with the most unique hotel tent products, scenic facilities, and operating services.

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