Multi-Peak Safari Tents for Camping Sites

With the widespread use of tents, the public’s requirements for tents are not limited, but also new standards in appearance. In order to pursue better experiences, the development direction of attractive appearance, lighter, flexible, and cost-effective design has been a breakthrough.

The multi-peak glamping safari tent is a new design. It meets an innovative record of an indoor area of 400 square meters with a single membrane structure.

In order to pursue the beauty of appearance, the overall exterior wall of the multi-peak glamping safari tent adopts aluminum alloys glass wall and metal carved panels, while the interior adopts bamboo and wood fiberboard to create a more textured wall system. The Roof cover fabric adopts a new type of PVDF film material on the surface, which can achieve the effect of lightweight, soft light, rich shape, and soft surface, it shows a Chinese way of life with a combination of rigidity and softness, and a degree of relaxation.

Under the sunlight, the strong light is absorbed and transformed through the tensile film, and the interior has a soft light effect instantly, and the entire space has an open and wonderful visual sense. At night, the indoor light emits bright light through the tension film, creating a dream-like effect, which is particularly eye-catching in the night sky.

As a semi-permanent temporary building, the multi-peak Glamping safari tent can be used continuously for about ten years. It is suitable for glamping sites.

Glamping Tent Solutions and Quotations
High Peak Glamping Tent

Use a glamping tent in a remote place for a better accommodation experience at a hotel. The glamping tent will also be equipped with wifi, catering, entertainment, and other ancillary services.

Luxury Safari Tents

Pinnacle curved modular structure design, aluminum alloy and PVC fabricated structure, which can be matched with more than 7 different colors of double-coated polyester PVC fabric to distinguish to the traditional tent shape. Provide luxury, comfortable and quiet outdoor travel experience to scenic spots and campsites. You may sit on the balcony to drink tea, chat and enjoy the scenery, embrace the beautiful scenery around you.

Hexagonal Glamping Safari Tent

Hexagon glamping tent focuses on open space, bright, and integrates with nature. Leave more space for leisure and enjoyment, such as viewing platform, French windows, transparent skylight, which offers a higher level comfort than regular glamping tent.